From Enrolment to Graduation

Offices of reference after the enrolment 

The International Mobility Office is in charge of supporting students from the pre-enrolment stage right up to enrolment. After enrolment, students shall basically refer to:

Change of degree course or university (only for non-EU students)

Non-EU students enrolled at the University of Ferrara can apply to move to another Italian University or to enrol in a different degree course only after the first year has been completed. The University of Ferrara shall not take any of these applications into consideration before the first year is over. The appropriate entrance test has to be successfully passed prior to moving onto a limited access degree course.

Residence permit renewal (only for non-EU students)

Following enrolment, students shall have to re-apply for a residence permit in order to formalise their permanence in Italy for the entire year. The application for residence permit renewal must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the expiry of the old residence permit. In order to successfully renew their residence permits, students must submit the following documents to the Police Headquarters:

  1. Proof of the same income which enabled him/her to get to Italy at the moment of the pre-enrolment (5,818.93 Euros per year);
  2. Certificate/proof of enrolment;
  3. Being under the same conditions proved before his/her arrival in Italy.

A residence permit for study reasons can be renewed upon certain conditions to be certified. In particular, the Police shall issue a new permit to those students who have:

  • passed at least one exam during the first year;
  • passed at least two exams during the following years.

Certification of the exams shall be notified by the University in terms of credits. The Police Headquarters may also decide to renew the permit to students with either serious health issues or financial difficulties who have not met the exam requirements. However, the residence permit can be awarded for no longer than three years following the normal duration of the degree course in which the student is enrolled.

Enrol in a post-graduate course

In the year prior to his/her arrival in Italy, the student coming from a Non-EU country must contact the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in the country where he/she obtained his/her Secondary school-leaving diploma. Each Embassy or Consulate shall provide information regarding the important deadlines that foreign students wishing to study in Italy have to meet, especially the pre-enrolment process deadline. The student should also consult the calendar released by the Italian Ministry of Education, therefore he/she is required to select an Italian degree course to sign up for and fill out form A as stated in the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) Regulations.
The Non-EU student is subject to a limited number of available places on Italian degree courses.) The list of available courses and related student quotas stipulated by the University of Ferrara can be consulted on the website for foreign students.
Following the completion of the pre-registration process, the Diplomatic Authority shall provide the student with the relevant information regarding the student VISA and shall send the University of Ferrara the list of pre-registered students.

There are some particular cases which regulate the possibility to pre-register at the Embassy of a different country compared to a student's country of origin.

Registration to take admission tests

Students applying for a limited access degree course have to go through an additional online procedure:

  • For the faculties of Medicine and Architecture: registration via the UNIVERSITALY platform;
  • For all the other limited access courses: registration via the UNIFE website (Non-EU citizens shall be registered directly by the International Mobility Office).

Enrolment on a post-graduate course

If the student has already completed both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree courses in his/her home country and wishes to sign up for a postgraduate PhD  course at the University of Ferrara, the references are as follows:

The International Mobility Office does not deal with any questions and applications relating to post-graduate PhD courses.