Documents and qualifications for university admission

A student with foreign qualifications must uploaded the below mentioned documents on the university application platform:

  1. The original hard copy of the secondary school diploma achieved abroad (after at least 12 years of school attendance) translated into Italian and duly legalised (see Legalization and Apostille of the hague).
  2. ONLY FOR THE ADMISSION TO A MASTER DEGREE: The original hard copy of the bachelor degree achieved abroad, including a transcript of records, (after at least 15 years of school attendance) translated into Italian and duly legalised (see Legalization and Apostille of the hague).
  3. ONLY FOR THE ADMISSION TO A MASTER DEGREE: Syllabus or Diploma Supplement (only for countries where this is issued). The document must include a stamp of the university where the bachelor has been obtained and can be either in English or Italian.
  4. Highly recommended but not mandatory: a Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco (see Statement of validity) or statements of comparability and verification issued by CIMEA (to request click here).
  5. Proof of Italian or English language knowledge, if required in the admission procedure.

N.B.: Only for countries in which students are required to pass a national selection after leaving secondary school is it necessary to provide a certificate proving the student passed the national exam of academic suitability, (i.e. the Gaokao in the Peoples’ Republic of China, the Vestibular in Brazil, the Veveossi Prosvassis in Greece, the Prueba de Selectividad in Spain, the Prova de Aferiçao in Portugal etc.)

Any certificate issued in a foreign language must be accompanied, if not further specified, by an official translation in the Italian language. The official translation can be performed either in the student’s home country or in Italy. The Italian institutions allowed to carry out such translations are either the local Courts or legally recognised translators. As well as being duly translated, all certificates must be legally recognised by the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in the country where the student achieved his/her Diploma/Bachelor. Exceptions to this requirement shall  be made in case of other specific

IMPORTANT! Upon arrival, all the above documents must be handed in at the Incoming students office for an authenticity check. Students handing in incomplete documentation shall be provisionally accepted (as long as the admission test and the Italian language test have been passed), meaning that the student is given the chance to complete/integrate the missing documentation no later than 31st January each year.

If the candidate fails to complete/integrate the documentation by 31st January, he/she shall no longer be considered a student enrolled at the University of Ferrara and shall have to return to his/her country.