When the student has handed in the appropriate documents for enrolment/degree recognition and after the International Mobility Office has checked all the documents, they shall print the enrolment form (to be signed by the student) as well as the enrolment fee invoice, then forward the documents to the Registrar's Office. The student must first go to the Bank, pay the enrolment fee (which may be reduced after obtaining an educational grant/scholarship) and must go in person to the Registrar's Office in order to complete the enrolment process. In order to process the enrolment, the student must hand in the receipt issued by the Bank proving the fee has been duly paid.

From here on, the candidate is considered officially enrolled at the University of Ferrara: he/she shall be given a "libretto” (university record booklet), an e-mail account and shall be allowed to use the areas covered by Wi-FE Internet free of charge. If the student is provisionally enrolled, he/she must fulfil the requirements of his/her specific situation.