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Danielle Venn (2009), “Legislation, collective bargaining and enforcement: Updating the OECD employment protection indicators”,

This paper presents an official update of the OECD indicators of employment protection supervised by the Working Party on Employment of the Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee of the OECD. The author gratefully acknowledges the contributions of officials and researchers from OECD member and accession countries in providing updated information and commenting on an earlier draft of this paper presented to the Working Party on Employment. Estimates for non-OECD member countries and Luxembourg build upon earlier work by the OECD Economics Department. Angelika Muller and Sandrine Cazes from the ILO provided valuable legal advice and comments. Contributions from Stefano Scarpetta, John Martin, Martine Durand, Paul Swaim, Peter Tergeist, Glenda Quintini, Anne Saint-Martin and Andrea Bassanini and excellent statistical assistance from Agnès Puymoyen are also gratefully acknowledged.

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