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Administrative services are guaranteed except the public reception.

Users can contact the IUSS Office by teephone or send an email to (Ino Covid-19 on the UniFE Portal).

Election of PhD students representatives in the IUSS Council

Rector's Decree, active and passive electorate and online voting methods.



Provisions relating to activities involving PhDs and PhD students


What is the Ph.D.
The Research Doctorate programme is three years in length and it is the highest Academic Degree. Training activities, including international experiences, are focused to form high level researchers. The title is awarded after the defence of a thesis. Each student has a supervisor. Students are admitted to doctoral courses after a selection established by a call for applications.

We are here.
The Doctoral School Office is in Ferrara (Fe), Corso Porta Mare, n. 2 -  44121 - The Office could be contacted by e-mail:, or by phone:[Front Office: Lena Fabbri - 0532/45.5283, Elena Caniato - 0532/45.5286, Daniela Siri (Complementary Skills and housing - 0532/45.5290; Back Office: Diana Felisati - 0532/45.5282, Alessandra Lupi - 0532/29.3182] .