The final exam

In order to obtain the title of Doctor of Research, the doctoral course is completed after 36 months from the start of the first year of the course, unless there are extensions or suspensions duly authorized, which must be made up. At the end of the third year of the course, the doctoral students submit the annual report of the activities carried out to the Academic Board. The Academic Board then approves the submission of the thesis to two referees appointed by them. Following a positive evaluation of the thesis by the referees, the Academic Board deliberates the admission of the doctoral students to the discussion of their doctoral thesis, which will take place in front of a specially appointed commission. The candidate who passes the final exam is awarded the title of Doctor of Research and the diploma is issued.

What to do and how?
  • Fill out the annual activity form and send it to the Course Coordinator (consult the deadlines here).

The Academic Board will decide the names of the referees who will evaluate your thesis; our office will communicate to you the names and addresses of the referees.

  • Send your thesis to the referees we have communicated to you, together with the abstract in Italian and English and a report on the activities carried out during the doctoral course, including any publications, by the indicated date.

The Coordinator will send you the evaluations assigned to your thesis by the referees.

  • Make any changes to the thesis suggested by the referees in their evaluation.

Note: An A or B evaluation means that you will take the final exam at the first call; if at least one evaluation is C, the Academic Board will decide if you will have to take the exam at the second call: this means that you will have to send the thesis with the requested changes after 6 months, and the date of the final exam will be communicated to you.

The Academic Board appoints the final exam commission and decides the date (consult them here).

The Office opens the call and informs you that you can enroll in the degree procedure (

  • Complete the procedure by entering the required documents and sending them to
  • Ask the Course Coordinator for details on the thesis discussion (duration of the presentation, specifications on the slides, language in which the discussion will take place, etc.).
  • Take the final exam in person (unless otherwise specified).

The result will be visible in the reserved area after the office has received the minutes of the final exam and has uploaded the result online.

  • Deliver or send the printed thesis and signed documents in original to our office.