Computational Sustainability

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Computational Sustainability

Manager/head of the team: Fabrizio Riguzzi

Team members: Fabrizio Riguzzi, Marco Gavanelli, Andrea Peano, Elena Bellodi


Research infrastructures:
The University of Ferrara can provide, besides office space, also access to the following High Performance Computing devices:
1. a cluster of 50 Linux machines with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2333 MHz) processor and 4 GB of RAM;
2. a hybrid CPU/GPU server, equipped with two Six-cores XEON CPUs 3.4GHz, 4 NVidia C2070 “Fermi” GPUs full 64bits, 198GB RAM and 6TB HD;
3. a hybrid CPU/GPU workstation, equipped with two XEON CPUs 2.4GHz, 1 NVidia 2050 “Tesla” GPU full 64bits, 18GB RAM and 1TB HD;


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: “Marie Curie Individual Fellowship” Action requirements.
Research experience: N/A
Required working language: English


Further useful information:

The Computational Sustainability research group of the University of Ferrara is focused on optimization and decision support for computational sustainability.
Sustainable development is a paradigm for natural resources utilization that aims at meeting human needs while preserving the environment. Computational Sustainability is an emerging computer science discipline studying techniques for achieving sustainable development.
It is an highly interdisciplinary research field encompassing techniques from Constraint Reasoning, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Complex Systems, Soft Computing and Statistics.
At University of Ferrara we are working on optimization and decision support tools for sustainable development in close cooperation with the University of Bologna.
An important tool for sustainable development is the evaluation of the environmental effects of public policies and plans. In the context of the EU ePolicy project, we are studying techniques that allow both the automatic evaluation of given plans and the production of new plans to meet environmental goals.


Fabrizio Riguzzi
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica - Università di Ferrara
Via Saragat 1 44122 Ferrara (ITALY)
Tel/Fax: +39 0532974836