Chemistry - 4

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Continuous-flow multicomponent reactions by (nano)photocatalysis

Manager/head of the team: Dr. ALESSANDRO MASSI

Team members: Dr. Andrea Basso (University of Genova- Italy); Dr. Paolo Dambruoso (CNR, Bologna-Italy)


Research infrastructures:
The scientific instrumentation available at the University of Ferrara includes all that is needed for the successful realization of the goals of the project, namely the synthesis of heterogeneous organocatalysts and the fabrication of the relevant packed-bed microreactors. In particular, the facilities at the Chemistry Department include HPLC (analytical and micro scale); HPLC-MS (ESI, linear ion-trap); two NMR spectrometers (300 and 400 Mhz); Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM); Field Emission Microscopy (FEM); Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM); Sedimentation-FFF machine; combustion analyzer (for elemental analysis).


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: "Marie Curie Individual Fellowship” Action requirements

Research experience: Organic Chemistry; Photocatalysis

Required working language: English


Contact: Dr. Alessandro Massi (


Further useful information: Possibility of conducting part of the research at the University of Genova (Italy) and /or at CNR of Bologna (Italy)