Realization of focusing optics for High energy telescopes

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Realization of focusing optics for High energy telescopes

Manager/head of the team: Prof. Piero Rosati

Team members: Dott. Cristiano Guidorzi, Emeritus Professor Filippo Frontera and Dott. Enrico Virgilli


Research infrastructures : Our laboratory LARIX (LARge Italian X-ray facility) has been developed in the past years for different activities. For the LAUE project the main infrastructure has been implemented for the realization of focusing optics for observations of X and Gamma-ray sources in space. The facility is being employed also for testing and qualifying X and gamma-ray detectors for space and other applications


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: PhD

Required working language: English

Further required requisites: good knowledge of programming languages (C, C++, python), good skills working in laboratory.




Topics: Astrophysics, Cosmology, Space science