Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Epigenetics of complex diseases

Short description of the research team:

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Epigenetics of complex diseases

Manager/head of the team: Michele Rubini

Team members: Vincenzo Aiello, Amin Ravaei, Valentina Aleotti, Gianni Astolfi, Faisal Muhammad Khan


Research infrastructures: Genome Medicine and Medical genetics laboratory, with facilities for cellular and molecular genetics; DNA biobank..


Contacts: Prof. Michele Rubini


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: PhD in biomedical fields; MD or MS in Biology - According to “Marie Curie Individual Fellowship” Action requirements

Research experience: iin fields of Genome Medicine, Human Genetics, Molecular biology, or Bioinformatics

Required working language: English


Further useful information:

Active research projects: Molecular genetics of cleft lip and palate; Pharmacogenetics of Rheumatoid Arthritis; Fetal Microchimerism in Rheumatology; Genetics and epigenetics of Recurrent Miscarriage; Genetics and epigenetics of Folate Metabolism during early pregnancy; Prevention of Birth defects.