HERCULE III - Relationships between the national judicial authorities and the investigative agencies in the view of the EPPO: operational models and best practices in fight against EU frauds


The action to be taken aims at:

  • Increasing the mutual knowledge of Member States' legislation on criminal investigations in the field of economic crime;
  • Providing the relevant UE institutions and bodies with an overview of the above mentioned provisions in a selected number of Member States;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the instruments for tackling the frauds against EU financial interests, with special reference to the future establishment of a European Public Prosecutor's Office.

The deliverables of the action will consist of:

a) the publication of periodical booklets informing about the progresses of the research and the scheduled events;

b) the publication of articles on national and international reviews with a focus on European criminal law;

c) the draft of a handbook containing the results of the action to be published in English and edited by an internationally renewed publishing house;

d) the creation and the implementation of the project's website.

Target audience:

Law practitioners in the Member States (lawyers, magistrates, operators of the police system and of other law enforcement authorities);

  • Customs authorities' members
  • Representatives of EU institutions and bodies devoted to the fight agaainst economic crime;
  • Representatives of EU institutions involved in the legislative process;
  • Academics and social scientists.

Project details

 Project coordinator: Alessandro Bernardi

Funding source: HERCULE III 

Start date 26/02/2015 - end date 1/12/2015
Total cost: 76.336 €
EU contribution: 59.542 €
EU contribution to UniFe: 59.542 €


  • Università di Ferrara, Coordinator (Italy)
  • Università di Cergy-Pontoise, (France)
  • Università Kozminski di Varsavia (Poland)
  • Università di Bonn (Germany)
  • Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)
  • Università di Castilla la Mancha (Spain)