COST ACTION TU0701- Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stocks


The scope of the Action is to investigate, compare, define and disseminate common knowledge concerning methods, procedures and technologies for the renovation and revitalization of suburban housing settlements, the increasing of their value and the improvement of the safety and the quality of life of inhabitants.
The main objective of the Action is the development and dissemination of knowledge and tools to assess and promote the refurbishment of existing suburban building stocks. The strategic task is improving the quality of large suburban building stocks by the development of new, integrated strategies for local authorities, housing corporations and owners on the one hand, and for architects and civil engineers on the other.
The Action promotes integrated knowledge of how existing suburban buildings can be changed for future use, mainly considering the decreased demand for energy consumption and the environmental benefits obtained by improving existing materials rather than demolishing the stock and replacing it with buildings incorporating new materials.

A common list of building regulations, measures, technologies and techniques promoting an integrated approach to refurbishment will be investigated, mainly considering the following aspects:
• architectural and technical refurbishment in order to improve the architectural aspects and technical performance of buildings;
• social and functional refurbishment to promote a mixture of different functions that can revitalize the life of the area and inhabitants’ quality of life;
• energy-saving refurbishment, upgrading buildings in accordance with the new European regulations for energy efficiency.

The Action is aimed both at European economic/social needs and scientific/technological advancement via the implementation of a new, integrated approach to the improvement and changing of suburban building stock.

Project details

Scientific responsability: Roberto Di Giulio

 Funding source: COST

Start date 19/03/2008 - end date 18/03/2012
Eu contribution to UniFe: 308.122 €


  • University of Ferrara . Dpt Of Architecture - Italy(Coordinator)
  • University of Antwerpen – Belgium
  • University of Zagreb - Croatia
  • Institute of Architectural Technology- Denmark
  • Ministry of The Environment – Finland
  • University of Skopie – Fyr Of Macedonia
  • Calcon Holding Gmbh - Germany
  • University of Thessaloniki – Greece
  • University of Riga . Latvia
  • University of Kahunas – Lithuania
  • University of Malta
  • Rzeszow University Of Technology - Poland
  • University of Minho – Portugal
  • Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara – Romania
  • University of Ljubljana - Slovenia
  • Gothenburg University – Sweden
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences – Switzerland
  • University of Belgrade – Serbia
  • Pamukkale University- Turkey
  • University of Sheffield – Uk