PhD courses admission


Access to Doctoral Courses is regulated by a "closed number" and takes place after passing a specific selective test.

The University of Ferrara announces 3 different admission competitions: an ordinary one, including reserve places for students graduated abroad; a specific one for the PhD program in Architecture, activated on the basis of an international agreement with the Polis University of Tirana (Albania) and in collaboration with the Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava (SLK), the University of Pécs (HUN) and the University Do Minho (Portugal), and finally one for the international doctorate in Earth and Marine Sciences (EMAS), established in agreement with the University of Cadiz (Spain).

The selections are made by "qualifications and interview" and involve the carrying out of an oral test, after evaluating the candidate's curriculum.

Open call for applications

Applications for the PhD courses (academic year 2023/24) are now exprired (deadline July 27th, 2023).

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See the answers to the frequently asked questions for the application.


Q: Is a pre-evaluation of my degree possible?

A: We do not offer a pre-evaluation; however, if you want to apply and you have a foreign degree, be sure to obtain:

  • the Diploma Supplement, for candidates holding a degree awarded in an EU country;
  • the "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco” (declaration of value), issued by the Italian Authorities in the Country in which the degree was awarded, for applicants holding a degree awarded in a NON EU country. The "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco” should also indicate expressly if the degree does allow, in the country where it was awarded, the admission to a Ph.D. level course.


Q: Do I need an English or Italian language proficiency diploma?

A: You do not need any language proficiency diploma: the only requirement is an adequate proficiency of English. The adequacy will be verified during the interview phase of the selection process.


Q: What is the required minimum GPA?

A: There is no minimum GPA required to apply; however, during the evaluation of the curriculum a higher GPA might be assigned more points, depending on the criteria established by the evaluation committee.


Q: How do I obtain a scholarship?

A: The number of positions with scholarship is detailed in the call for applications; for the amounts and other information, please visit the dedicated page.