38 PhD courses admission

Access to PhD courses is governed by the "limited number" and takes place after passing a specific selective test.

The University of Ferrara announces 3 different admission competitions: an ordinary one, including reserve places for students graduated abroad; a specific one for the PhD program in Architecture, activated on the basis of an international agreement with the Polis University of Tirana (Albania) and in collaboration with the Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava (SLK), the University of Pécs (HUN) and the University Do Minho (Portugal), and finally one for the international doctorate in Earth and Sea Sciences (EMAS), established in agreement with the University of Cadiz (Spain).

The selections are made by "qualifications and interview" and involve the carrying out of an oral test, after evaluating the candidate's curriculum.

Deadline for applying online: within July 25th, 2022 at 12.00 a.m. (Italian time)

Open competition

Features: Evaluation of qualifications and interviews, 12 active courses

Open competition for admission to PhD courses

IDAUP Open Competition

Bandiera-ingleseOpen competition for international course in Architecture (IDAUP)

Features: international curriculum, double degree

EMAS Open Competition

Selection for the International Course in

Heart and Marine Science (EMAS)

Features: international curriculum, double degree issue

International agreement with Università di Ferrara and Universidad de Cádiz (España)

Bandiera-ingleseOpen Competition for international course in Earth and Marine Sciences (EMAS)