Private international law - Public international law

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas:
Private international law; specifically, EU Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters.
Public international law: specifically, international courts and tribunals; international human rights, nationality and diplomatic protection; international humanitarian law; international responsibility.

Manager/head of the team: Prof. Francesco Salerno

Team members: Prof. Pietro Franzina, Prof. Serena Forlati, Dr. Alessandra Annoni, Dr. Laura Salvadego, Delia Rudan, Ester Di Napoli, Elisabetta Bonomo, Matteo Corbo, Cristina Volpin


Research infrastructures: The main research infrastructure is the library, with its collection of books and the electronic resources (with several databases and journals available online).
The fellow will benefit from the contact and cooperation with the research team and the Department as a whole, as well as taking part in the activities of MaCrO (Laboratorio interdisciplinare di studi sulla mafia e le alter forme di criminalità organizzata – Inter-disciplinary centre for studies on mafia and other forms of organized crime) and CeStInt (Centro studi e servizi per il diritto straniero e le relazioni internazionali-Centre for studies and services on foreign law and international relations). The activities pursued in cooperation with the Italian Air Forces as regards international humanitarian law and military criminal law may also be of interest.


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: “Marie Curie Individual Fellowship” Action requirements.
Research experience: N/A
Required working language: English or French


Contact: Prof. Serena Forlati –Law Department