Asset Management Policies to make Historical Centers Livable and Sustainable (HC-LIVE)

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Historical City Centers, Sustainable Management Policy, Integrated Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Cultural Heritage & Identity, Disaster Resilience, Safeguarding

Manager/head of the team: Alessandra Aprile, PhD.

Team members: Riccardo Dalla Negra, Prof., Fabio Donato, Prof., Massimiliano Mazzanti, Prof., Raffaella Rizzoni, PhD., Marco Zuppiroli, PhD.


Research infrastructures:
  • LABORA (Laboratorio di Restauro Architettonico/Architectural Restoration Laboratory)
  • SEEDS (Sustanaibility Enviromental Economics and Dynamics Studies)
  • WISE-CIVIL (Works of Ideas in Structural Engineering-Civil)


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: Ms Thesis Degree or PhD in Civil or Architectural Engineering; Architecture

Research experience: vulnerability/risk assessment at urban scale

Required working language: English

Further required requisites: knowledge of Matlab and GIS programming

Contact: Dr. Alessandra Aprile


Further useful information:

Team Leader home pages :

- University of Ferrara
- ResearchGate

Labs home pages: