Taxation, European Taxation, International taxation

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Taxation, European Taxation, International taxation

Manager/head of the team: Professor Marco Greggi

Team members: Marco Greggi, Maria Rita Sidoti, Xeniya Yeroshenko, Meruyert Assilova, Francesca Amaddeo, Oksana Stepanitskaya.


Research infrastructures: Department of Law’s library, C.U.R.’s library in Rovigo Campus, Access to the European School of Advanced Tax Studies premises (in Bologna), School of Finance and Economics facilities (in Rome) (in the framework of the agreement signed with the University of Ferrara).


Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

Level of education: Degree in Law or Social sciences
Research experience: One year
Required working language: English or Italian
Further required requisites: A good knowledge of qualified software applications (MSOffice or MSOffice alike, Filemaker, Googledocs) is appreciated but not compulsory


Further useful information:

The research Unit works in two campuses: the main one in Ferrara and the smaller one in Rovigo. A possible joint research activity with the research team in Commercial law and International commercial law is scheduled in 2013.


Contact: Professor Marco Greggi - Skype: Marco Greggi – Gtalk - Google+: Taxlaw – Facebook -   Web