Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Geomorphology, Marine Sediment Transport, Coastal Hazards

Short description of the research team

Thematic fields of interest/research areas: Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Geomorphology, Marine Sediment Transport, Coastal Hazards, Assessment of climate change impacts on coastlines and population, Assessment of coastal erosion and flooding, Study of sediment delivery from rivers to coastal areas, Sedimentation in coastal areas and ports

Manager/head of the team: Prof. Paolo Ciavola

Team members: Dr. Enrico Duo, Dr Tomas Montblanc, Dr Stefano Fabbi, Ms Paola Souto-Ceccon, Mr Riccardo Brunetta


Research infrastructures:

    • Sedimentological Laboratory
    • Wave recorders and currentmeters
    • ADCP
    • Echosounder and small boat
    • DGPS RTK
    • Marine and aerial AUV
    • Video-monitoring stations
    • Operational numerical models of beach and flood processes


      Prerequisites of the trainee researcher:

      Level of education: PhD

      Research experience: field measurements of coastal processes, numerical modelling, ARCGIS proficiency

      Required working language: English or Spanish or Portuguese

      Further required requisites: knowledge of Matlab programming, capability to handle small motoboats, diving qualifications


      Contacts:  Prof. Paolo Ciavola


      Further useful information:

      In the past post-docs were accepted from UK, France, Australia, Switzerland, Spain

      Recent EU-FP7 projects completed: MICORE Project, RISC-KIT Project

      Running H2020 project: ANYWHERE Project

      Coastal Study Unit Ferrara (COSTUF) webpage

      Coastal Study Unit Ferrara (COSTUF) facebook page

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