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  • Partecipanti • Anna Barrera: Senior Programme Coordinator at EU-LAC Foundation • Francisco Gallego: Full professor of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile • Stephany Griffith Jones: Columbia University • Jenny Melo: Ph.D. Student in Rural Sociology, University of Missouri; Master in Social Sciences, National Uni- versity of La Plata & Business Administrator, Universidad del Valle • Federico Ignacio Poli: Universidad de Buenos Aires • Annalisa Primi: OECD Head of Economic Transformation and Development Division
Market, Institutions and Civil Society: Tasks for the Realization of a More Equitable and Ecologically Oriented Paradigm

   Along with human history, different actors have set out to imagine a divergent and possibly better world: some of the great religions, the Renaissance or humanist utopias, parties, and political organizations during the 19th and 20th centuries. In this new millennium, it seems that every aspiration to live a full and thoroughly dignified life that is also lived with respect for Nature is sacrificed and expendable in the face of economic utilitarianism and global capitalism. While it seems true that economy has its laws, it is also true that the mechanisms that govern it are modifiable, while the mechanisms that govern Nature are not, unless it is at the cost of disasters and imbalances to the detriment of all living beings.

   The purpose of this day of study is to begin to discuss the roles and tools that the market, the institutions - territorial, national and international - and the civil society have had, and should have, in the transition towards new ideas of society; a society that puts the human being and the planet that hosts us together with all other living beings at the center of all its public and private action, as well as at the center of the knowledge sector.