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  • Partecipanti • Alberto Acosta: President of the Constituent Assembly of Ecuador (2008) • Michelle Bachelet: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights • Patrizio Bianchi: Minister of Education, Italian Government • Enrique Iglesias: President, Fundación ASTUR • Monsignor Gian Carlo Perego: Archbishop of the Diocese of Ferrara-Comacchio • Romano Prodi: Former Prime Minister of Italy and former President of the European Commission
Innovative Principles, Visions and Patterns for Reorienting National and International Policies Towards Sustainable and Fairer Development

   The current pandemic has shown the importance of radically rethinking the current century’s dominant economic and social model. A paradigm shift is necessary, although it is difficult to imagine concrete alternatives that are valid across borders. Therefore, the objective of this meeting will be to discuss possible alternative models, some of which have emerged in Latin America, and which are based on an idea of society that places the human being and Nature at the center of public and community action.

   Our purpose is to collectively build a space for lasting and always evolving bi-regional dialogue between Europe and Latin America, aimed at projecting innovative models based on the principles of el Buen Vivir and integral development.