Frontier research on the challenges that will decide our future

Exploiting the active ingredient of a plant in order to recognise and correct DNA errors that cause a child to develop a serious genetic disease.

Combating macro- and microplastic pollution on the beaches and marine habitats of the Adriatic Sea.

Creating a nano-photonic biosensor for the early detection of colorectal cancer.

Developing 3D technologies for the enhancement of cultural heritage assets.

These are just some of the research projects under way at Unife, covering all scientific disciplines in the university's 12 faculties.

For the researcher, it is a fertile, supportive environment, while for the student, it is a lively, continuous source of inspiration on what they can do themselves either tomorrow or even now.

Since the 1990s, 26 spin-offs have been incubated by Unife: ideas conceived within university areas which have developed over five years thanks to the talents and equipment of the Faculties, creating an incessant exchange with teaching.

At the Heart of International Research Networks

Unife researchers carry out quality research and the topics they work on are fundamental for the future and the lives of everyone. This is proven by the funding they have succeeded in obtaining in recent years: from 2014 to 2020, 58 European projects have been funded with the participation of Unife lecturers, for a total of 14 million Euros; alongside 24 national and ministerial projects  for a total of 4.67 million Euros.

From the university's research laboratories, researchers move to the MIT in Boston, the CERN in Geneva as well as to the best research laboratories around the world.