Research centres

Faculty of Architecture

Research Centre for the Physical-Chemical and Microbiological Pollution of Confined Highly Sterile Environments - C.I.A.S..

Director: Prof. Sante Mazzacane


Centre for the Development of Integrated Automated Procedures for the Restoration of Monuments - D.I.A.P.Re.M

(Development of Integrated Automated Procedures for the Restoration of Monuments)

Director: Prof. Marcello Balzani


Centre Sealine

Director: Dott. Gianni Lobosco


University Centre for International Development Co-operation - C.A.C.S.I.

Director: Prof. Alfredo Alietti

Faculty of Economics and Management

Public VAlue Research CEntre - CERVAP 

Director: Prof. Enrico Deidda Gagliardo

Centre for Research on Circular Economy, Innovation and SMEs - CERCIS

Director: Prof. Massimiliano Mazzanti

Research Centre on the Economics of Innovation and Knowledge - C.R.E.I.C.

Director: Prof. Fulvio Fortezza

Research Centre on Health Economics and Management - CRISAL

Director: Prof.ssa Emidia Vagnoni

Faculty of Law

Centre for Advanced Training and Consultancy for Administrations -  C.A.F.C.A

Director: Prof. Gianluca Gardini


Centre for Documentation and Studies on the European Union - C.D.E.

Director: Prof.ssa Silvia Borelli


Centre for European Law Studies on Major Crime - MacroCrimes

Director: Prof. Donato Castronuovo 

Faculty of Engineering

Aldo Daccò" Corrosion and Metallurgy Research Centre - Daccò Centre

Director: Prof. Gian Luca Garagnani

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology

MadTechMed Centre: Mathematics for Technology, Medicine and Biosciences

Director: Prof. Vincenzo Coscia


Modelling, Computation and Simulation Centre - CMCS

Director: Prof. Giacomo Dimarco

Faculty of Translational Medicine for the Romagna Region

Research Centre for the Study of Menopause and Osteoporosis - C.M.O.

Director : Dr. Gloria Bonaccorsi


Electronic Microscopy Centre - C.M.E.

Director: Prof. Luca Maria Neri


Centre for Vascular Diseases – C.M.V.

Director: Prof. Paolo Zamboni


University Cardiology Centre 

Polo Ospedaliero (Hospital) - Via Aldo Moro, 8 - 44124 Cona (Ferrara, Italy)

Tel: +39 0532 236111

Director: to be defined

Centre for the Study of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of the Airways and Smoke-Related Pathologies of the Respiratory Tract - CE.M.I.C.E.F.

Director: to be defined

Haemostasis and Thrombosis Centre

Director: Prof. Donato Gemmati

Centre for Digital Dentistry 

Director: Prof. Francesco Carinci

Centre for Studies on Inflammation - C.S.I. [Website under construction]

Director: Prof. Francesco Di Virgilio

Via Luigi Borsari, 46 - FERRARA (Italy)

Tel: +39 0532 455353


Centre for Temporomandibular Joint Disease

Director: Prof. Santo Catapano

University Centre for the Study and Treatment of Alcohol-Related Conditions (PACC)

Director: Prof. Fabio Caputo

University Centre for the Study and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Gastroenterological Manifestations of Rare Diseases

Director: Prof. Giorgio Zoli

Faculty of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation

Research Centre for the Study of Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases

Director: Prof. Leonardo Trombelli

Tel: +39.0532. 688501.


Centre for Motor and Sport Sciences

Director: Dr. Gianni Mazzoni


Research Centre for the Study of Multiple Sclerosis and Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System [Website under construction]

Director: Prof. Maura Pugliatti


Faculty of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences

Centre for Diffractometric Structuring

Director: Dott.ssa Valeria Ferretti

Faculty of Medical Sciences

University Centre for Gender Medicine Studies

Director: Prof. Rosa Maria Gaudio


Centre for Social, Medical and Environmental Health Prevention

Director:  Prof. Roberto Ferrari


Centre for Clinical Epidemiology - C.E.C. [Website under construction]

Director: to be defined


Pelvic Floor Centre

Director: Prof. Paolo Carcoforo

Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Centre of Biotechnology - C.B.F.

Director: Prof.ssa Monica Borgatti

Cosmetology Centre

Director: Prof. Michele Simonato


Cystic Fibrosis Innovative Therapies Research Centre

Director: Prof. Giulio Cabrini

Chiara Gemmo and Elio Zago Research Centre on Thalassaemia

Director: to be defined

Faculty of Humanities

The University Language Centre - C.L.A.

Director: Prof.ssa Eleonora Federici


The University Theatre Centre - CTU

Director: Mr Domenico Giuseppe Lipani