PhD programmes

Why you should take a PhD course at Unife

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a PhD course at the University of Ferrara.These include:

Unife PhD courses offer

Unife offers a selection of PhD courses focused on scientific-technological innovationsustainability, cutting-edge bio-medical, chemical-pharmaceutical and neuroscience development, as well as excellence in the humanities and economic sciences.

List of Courses

How and when to access 

In order to gain access to a Phd course, it is necessary to apply to an online public call; the application is free of charge.

The competition is generally published in June each year, and expires by the end of July. 

Open competitions

Facilities for Phd students 

In addition to our Academic staff and our research facilities, Phd students are especially taken care of by our administrative facilities, and many services are made available, including accomodation 

IUSS provides applicants with accommodation in university halls of residence and flats in the city centre at reduced prices.  Mobility grants

The IUSS makes several calls for applications for mobility grants available each year, in addition to European funding opportunities and, in the case of PhD students who are beneficiaries of scholarships (grants), a grant increase.

Students support: IUSS office grants continuous one to one assistance to international Phd students, from visa requests to all the needed documentation for entering the country. 

After completion of the PhD course

The PhD marks not only the end of a course, but it is the key to accessing numerous opportunities: the results of the UniFe PhDs are a good example of how this course offers job and academic opportunities. See rankings (link)

What is a PhD course?

It is a 3-year post-graduate university course; in particular:

  • It provides training for high-level research activities;
  • is an individual study path that leads to high quality scientific production;
  • It consists of the development of a research project under the supervision of a tutor;
  • It ends with the preparation of a thesis carried out using a scientific method with original content.


Where to find us

The IUSS office, a reference point for PhD students, is on the first floor of Corso Porta Mare 2, in the historic centre of Ferrara, a 10-minute walk from the station.

Write to us at: