Association of Universities of the Adriatic-Ionian area

Uniadrion was founded in 2000 as a voluntary and cross-border network of Universities and Research Centres in the Adriatic and Ionian basin, that signed the Ravenna Declaration on 31st January 2001. Subsequently, other universities joined and currently 32 full members and 4 associate members belong to the network.

Aim: to establish a permanent link between universities and Research and Development Centres of excellence in the countries of the Adriatic and Ionian basin, and thus strengthen inter-university co-operation. Co-operation is multi-sectoral and mainly covers the following areas: - protection, cataloguing and enhancement of cultural heritage

  • environment (including environmental physics) and sustainable development
  • cultural tourism and development; economy, communications, ports and economic relations.

More generally, the Association's aim is to promote European integration and its expansion as well as to contribute to the development of the most appropriate conditions of security and legality alongside equal opportunities.


Unife representative:

  • Prof. Gianfranco Franz, Faculty of Economics and Management