Valentina Radi

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Curriculum Vitae

Valentina Radi, architect, was born on 31st October 1980 at Fano (PU) and graduated with honours at the Faculty of Architecture in Ferrara in March 2006. She presented a thesis in architectural and urban design entitled “Cognitus, Natura, Salus: new relationships among environment, people and architecture in the city of Fano”. The thesis presented with an exhibition in the city received a prize from the local community. It was then exposed at the Festival of Architecture in Parma in October of that year.

The architect has worked, as a designer, with the office of architecture Cristofani&Lelli Architetti of Faenza (RA) from March 2006 to August 2009 and then with the office Laboratorio di Architettura of Reggio Emilia, to participate in competitions.

She has been working on degree courses at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara since 2003; Laboratory of architectural design 1 with Prof. Andrea Rinaldi, for whom she has been tutor and has been organizing lectures and tutorials since the academic year 2005-06, Laboratory of construction of architecture 1 with Prof. Graziano Trippa and Laboratory of final summary on architectural design with Prof. Gabriele Lelli. She collaborated in the Architecture design course with Prof. Luciano Lunazzi in the year 2005-06.

She was selected to participate at the Workshop “Places as open systems: strategies for the modification”, which was organized by the town of Guastalla (RE) in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara, in May 2001.

She participated in the research project “GECO-project, analysis and study about receptivity of young people and youth hostels. Guidelines for a hostel project” in November 2008. It was developed in collaboration with the Department of Economics and History of the University of Ferrara and funded by Emilia-Romagna region.

Currently she is a PhD research student on the PhD Course “Tecnologia dell’Architettura” of the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara. The present thesis deals with energy-efficient design guidelines in the Mediterranean countries.