Maria Cristina Garavelli

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Curriculum Vitae

Maria Cristina Garavelli, got her Architectural degree in 1998 at the University of Ferrara.

Since 2001 she works in Bologna with Mario Cucinella architects Srl - - a company with a solid experience in architectonic design where sustainability is a central concern.

Maria Cristina is currently in charge of the Research and Development Department of MCA organization. She worked in several projects and competitions like: the masterplan Cascina Merlata in Milano, ISTAT head office building in Roma, Campidoglio 2 project in Roma, the Altener and PHDEC European Research Project, the SIEEB in Pechino. She has also been in charge of: guide-plan of new PEEP in Cesena, the Renco new office building in Pesaro, the new Chiesi office building in Parma and the research project Casa 100k. She represented in 2008-2009 MCA in the IEQ – Committee LEED-GBC Italia and is responsible of the Company Quality Assurance.

She wrote for MCA reports and for specialized publications when sustainability and energy saving were involved. She participated, for instance, to the draft of “the guide-lines for the sustainable development of the area assigned in the Arcipelago della Maddalena “ making the “libro bianco dell’Energia”. She attended as lecturer many congresses and conferences.
With MCA she participated in many Research European Projects like Altener II “solar passive heating and cooling”and PHDC promotion and dissemination of Passive and Hybrid Downdraft Cooling in buildings.

The architect Maria Cristina Garavelli, before joining MCA, got a specialization degree in Bioclimatic Architecture (DAPT, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Bologna) and kept improving thereinafter her research activity in the energy saving field.

Maria Cristina Garavelli is since 1999 a qualified lecturer for Environmental Design at the Facoltà di Architettura in Ferrara. She has been also a teacher in the Master “Architettura Energia - Qualità abitativa ed Efficenza Energetica

Maria Cristina Garavelli works also as a free professional architect in competitions and getting commitments in energetic retraining and environmental consulting.