Open competition for the admission to PhD courses - XXXII Cycle

The notice

Is now available the notice of the Open Competition based on academic qualifications and examinations for admission to Research Doctorate courses XXXII Cycle – Academic Year 2016/2017. Selection application forms, together with all documents required, must be submitted electronically using only the procedure available on the webpage: before 5 August, h. 12.00.
Download the notice 2016/17

Fellowships with specific research topics form

Instructions for completing the online application form are available on the guidebook.  All  documents required for the selection must be uploaded following the online procedure. Candidates applying for more than one Ph.D. course must submit more than one application, attaching all the necessary documentation to each application. The competition is toll-free. No limitation of age and citizenship applies.

Deadline: August 5, 2016 - h. 12.00 GMT +1

For each of the aforementioned courses, research topics, available places, admission requirements and specific information on the selection and evaluation criteria pertaining to the creation of the ranking tables are available in the table below, selecting the course you are interested.

PhD coursesKind of places
Academic Year 2016/2017 - XXXII Cycle with grant no grant reserved

Biomedical sciences and biotechnology

9*** 2 3


7** 2 3**

Engineering science

8 1 2

European Union law and national legal systems

6 1 1

Evolutionary biology and ecology

10 2 4***


4 3 2

Molecular medicine and pharmacology

6 2 1


9* 3 2

Translational Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies

8 2 1
  • Evolutionary biology and ecology**** = 1 place reserved for Development an Cooperation - Universidad Estatal Amazonica (UEA)
  • Physics* = 1 place reserved for employee of Museo Civico di Rovereto
  • Chemistry** = 2 places reserved for employee of Aptuit s.r.l. and Kalis, 1 place reserved for Development an Cooperation - Universidad Estatal Amazonica (UEA)
  • Biomedical sciences and biotechnology*** = 1 place reserved for candidates from countries ICGEB member, 1 place reserved for employee of (Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale di Ferrara - Dipartimento di Sanità Pubblica), 1 place reserved for Development an Cooperation - Universidad Estatal Amazonica (UEA)

Reserved places are allocated to the following categories of applicants: Candidates who have an international academic qualification, Fellowship holders of foreign states, Fellowship holders of specific programs of international mode. For details of the places, select in the table the doctoral courses.

Applicants must hold one of the following qualifications before this announcement deadline: an Italian degree known as “Laurea specialistica/magistrale” or a degree awarded prior to approval of Ministerial Decree D.M. n. 509 of 3 November 1999, updated with D.M. n. 270 of 22/10/2004, n. 270; Master’s (second level) degree; an equivalent foreign academic qualification awarded abroad. Candidates with foreign qualifications, those included in international mobility programs and foreign scholarship holders can apply for positions reserved specifically for them if allowed in the PhD courses description sheets. These potential reserved positions will be expressed in the specific PhD Course description sheets (for candidates residing abroad, in order to find out if there is the  possibility of carrying out the interview by videoconference over Skype or similar tools - through webcam - please refer to the description sheet of each research doctorate). The research topics and more information are available on the webpage of the PhD courses.

Please be careful:  for the admission to PhD course in Architecture and urban planning or Earth and Marine Sciences there are 2 special competitions.

Affiliated courses at other universities:

  • Economics and management of innovation and sustainability: administrative headquarters 2016/17 at Università di Parma
Expiry dates



Entry online

5 aug h.12.00

Qualifications issue

see details


see details


14/10 h.11.30

Replacement form

14/10 h.11.30

Extra enrolment

27/10 h.17.00