Workshop on bibliometric methods_20 aprile

"Workshop on bibliometric methods and automated text mining for systematic literature reviews",

Prof. Matteo Montecchi - King’s College di Londra

Giovedì 20 Aprile 12.30-14.30, Aula 3, secondo piano di Porta Mare 2 (Ferrara),

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As a popular review approach, bibliometric methods allow researchers to examine a set of publications quantitatively and objectively to identify relevant similarities, linkages, and trends. As a result, these methods can reduce the potential idiosyncratic bias associated with the other types of more qualitative reviews. Bibliometric approaches have been used extensively in a wide range of subject areas, including supply chain management, innovation, marketing, and information systems. Many researchers utilize these methods to quantify the contributions of specific journals, authors, and articles through frequency counts, citation analyses, and network visualizations. Furthermore, bibliometric methods combined with text mining and content analyses can be employed to conduct advanced science mapping by identifying the key themes discussed in the literature. This combined approach enables researchers to produce a more analytical representation of the intellectual structure of a literature domain. This workshop will explore how to leverage bibliometric methods and automated text mining to systematically review different literature domains. Specifically, the workshop will cover: 

(1) Keywords selection strategies

(2) Sample extraction

(3) Literature profiling

(4) Bibliometric networks construction and visualization options

(5) Thematic analysis with automated text mining

(6) Moving forward: developing conceptual frameworks and shaping research agendas


Dr Matteo Montecchi is an Assistant Professor in Marketing and the director of the International Marketing MSc (Executive) at King’s Business School. Trained as a marketing researcher, Matteo uses consumer-based insights and theories to inform and direct managerial practice. His research investigates consumers’ and other stakeholders’ interaction with digital technologies and digital brand touchpoints, focusing on how this interaction shapes value perceptions and behaviours. This includes artificial intelligence applications to retail practices, voice-activated commerce, blockchain-enabled transparency, and the diffusion of fake news on social media. He is also interested in the factors that lead to the strategic positioning of fashion and luxury brands and in regulatory issues associated with the distribution of luxury products, such as competition restriction in vertical agreements. Matteo’s research has been published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Information and Management, the International Journal of Production Economics, and Business Horizons.