Fisica | Sc.Inge | Corso "Wave, Acoustics and Music" | Prof. I. Masina et al. | Marzo 2024

To All PhD Students in

- Physics
- Engineering Sciences



Dear All,


in collaboration with

Dr. G. Lo Presti (CERN) Prof. G. Rispoli (UniFe)
Dr. D. Stanzial (CNR – IMM Bologna)Dr. C. Visentin (Eurac Research)

will give a Course on

Waves, Acoustics and Music



After an introduction to the general theory of waves (including electromagnetic and gravitational waves), we will discuss sound waves. We will then focus on relevant case studies for musical instruments, such as vibrating strings and air columns.

The second part is devoted to the earing system, from the point of view of biophysics, and to psychoacoustics, from the point of view of signal processing. We will present auditory demonstrations about harmonics, timbre, beatings, critical bandwidth, fundamental bass, etc.

The third part deals with acoustic aesthetics and music: we will review the physical foundations of consonance and dissonance for dyads and triads. We will then review the historical development of Western musical scales, from Pythagoras to microtonal temperaments, also in relation to harmony and tonality. In addition, we will analyze the recent mathematical representations based on the Tonnetz, introduced by Euler.

In the fourth part, we will introduce introduce the notions related to the engineering of ambient acoustics; a visit will be organized to the Anechoic Chamber. We will also discuss issues related to acoustic energetics; a visit will be organized to the Acoustic Laboratory, in agreement with CNR-IMM