Enrolment Renewal

The annual report:

At the end of each year, students enrolled in PhD degree courses are required to submit a detailed report on the activities and research carried out to the to the Board of Lecturers, which will ensure that it is kept and which, after assessing the diligence and industriousness shown by the student, shall propose to the Chancellor that the student continue with the PhD programme or be excluded from it (link to the forms to be filled in).

PhD students enrolled from Cycle XXX (and onwards) must complete the final annual plan and submit it to their Co-ordinator no later than 10th October.

How to pay the fee:

Go to your reserved area of the UniFe website and LOGIN.


  • Select the "Payments" item in the menu on the left and then click on the invoice number of the registration fee (corresponding to the red traffic light). In the case of a PhD student who has not paid his or her fees for the previous year, several invoices corresponding to the instalments in arrears shall be shown. In order to regularise your enrolment situation, you must pay all invoices within the deadlines set for each cycle.
  • The procedure shall let you choose between pagoPA and Bollettino Mav

With pagoPA you can pay:


  • credit card, using one of the proposed banks
  • bank transfer (home banking) - Check the list of proposed banks to see if your bank is listed
  • IN PERSON at a credit institution or other types of public establishments (e.g. At a tobacconist's)

- Instructions for making tax and contribution payments with pagoPA ( Italian - English )

BOLLETTINO Mav (Payment by Notice Form)


The students may alternatively view and print the bollettino MAV (Payment by Notice Form) of their university instalments in the "payments" section of their reserved area.

Documents to be submit are as follows:

- Enrolment for the following year must take place between 2nd and 30th November, by paying the first instalment of the annual fees.

- The renewal of the registration must be carried out EXCLUSIVELY through the ON LINE procedure by accessing the page http://studiare.unife.it,

- After enrolment, PhD candidates must send a copy of the registration fee payment slip, also via e-mail.

The second fee instalment

PhD students from the second year onwards are required to pay a second fee instalment, see details on the "PhD student calendar"

Late payment fees

A late payment fee, as set out below, shall be charged for payments made after the due date:

  • The payment of registration instalments after the deadline shall incur a surcharge for late payment, as set out below:
    • up to 7 days late 10 Euros
    • 8 to 15 days late 30 Euros
    • more than 16 days late 60 Euros

The payment can be made at UniCredit Banca, using the relevant form, which shall be automatically available in the "payments" section of the reserved area within 6 working days from the date of payment of the enrolment instalment. Payment can also be made by credit cardby logging on to the same web area mentioned above.
Holidays are also to be counted in the calculation of delayed days. A student who is not in good standing with regard to the payment of fees and contributions may not carry out any university career activities in the part where he/she is in default of the fees and contributions due.