10% Budget for PhD Students research activities


Research budget

Each PhD Student is ensured by law a research budget for research activities in Italy and abroad, in addition to their fellowship. The amount is not lower than 10% of the fellowship amount. Such budget, pursuant the law dated 01/07/2022, equals € 1.624,30 for each year of course. This fund is NOT at the University (as it happens for the fellowship amounts) because it is available within the tutor and/or the research group the PhD Students is related to, and/or other Departmental funds.

This means that such amounts are not dealt with by the IUSS Office, but by the Department Secretariat.


Who is entitled to this research budget

All Phd Students, with or without fellowship, are entitled to this fund, apart from:

-       PhD Students employed in firms and are enrolled in PhD Courses for industrial or high apprenticeship PhD Courses

-       PhD Students employed in Italian government institutions, who are maintaining their salaries

-       PhD Students who enrolled with fellowships from foreign countries or those belonging to specific programmes of international mobility or in cooperation for development

-       In-coming international PhD Students enrolled within a cotutelle agreement


How to request access to the research budget

Entitled PhD Students can request access to the budget after they obtain the authorization by the fund owner (their tutor’s research fund) and then ask for reimbursement by presenting all the necessary documents.

The Research budget is not a fellowship increase. It is an endowment that had to be appropriately identified by the Department Board on a specific accounting project.

You can apply using the relevant departmental forms that are available at the Tutors’ relevant Department Secretariat.

You have to refer to the Department Administrative Secretariat of your tutor, in order to have information about this fund, the authorization form and the info about the procedure.


You can ask for reimbursement on the following expenses:

- congresses/workshop enrollment

- mobility in Italy and abroad

- material that is used in labs *

- publication expenses

- books/journals *

- software *

- scientific and technical instruments *


* All of these items remain property of Unife.