The glossary of the doctoral thesis


Since printing on A4 size sheets (21 x 29.7 cm) is mandatory, we suggest you to layout the text by setting the following dimensions (using the "Word" program for Windows you can access the setting of the margins through the window: File / Set page.). Please note, these are general indications and not mandatory parameters:

  • Top margin: 2 cm
  • Bottom margin: 2 cm
  • Left margin: 3 cm
  • Right margin: 2.5 cm
  • Distance from the edge - footer: 1.25 cm (to allow you to have the page numbers in the correct position)

The body of the text of the paragraphs could respect the following formats:

  • Font type: "Times New Roman" or "Arial" (depending on personal preference);
  • Font size 12 or 11 points;
  • Leading: single or 1.5 lines. It is advisable to leave more spacing between one paragraph and another;
  • Alignment: justified;
  • Returns: none

The first page has to be the same of the cover of the thesis (see online model), and must contain the following information:

  • University of Ferrara
  • Name of the doctoral course
  • Course coordinator
  • Thesis title
  • Scientific disciplinary sector
  • Name and surname of the student (with original signature)
  • Tutor's name and surname (with original signature)
  • Years of the doctorate

The copy of the thesis

It is intended for deposit in the University Archives and is the only one to which the University will refer to issue, upon your request, the declaration of conformity of any copies for administrative use. Furthermore, this paper copy is intended for perennial storage in the archive for historical purposes. You will also have to prepare a thesis file intended for the University Archives which will be published in the institutional open access archive after the achievement of the PhD title or at the expiry of the embargo period (the same file will be transmitted by Unife to the legal deposit at the Central National Libraries of Rome and Florence). Abstract


Statement of the thesis work carried out, both in Italian and in English: it must be written in 2 separate files from the thesis (one for each language). Abstracts should not be reported on the hard copy.

Declaration of conformity

It must be completed in all its parts, bound with the paper copy of the thesis and signed according to the instructions contained therein. It is also necessary to scan it to be included in the IT platform.

Declaration of conformity with thesis embargo request

This document must also be completed in every part, bound with the paper copy of the thesis and signed according to the instructions contained therein and must be presented only if strictly necessary, for example for any prior agreements with publishers or for presence in the thesis of patent data to be protected; in essence, you can request the application of some limitations to the access of your thesis with the postponement of its online consultation for a period from 6 to 36 months, specifying the Embargo Reason in the declaration (provided for in the cases of:

1. Thesis in course of publication, 2. Thesis subject to agreement with third parties, 3. Public safety reasons, 4. Privacy, 5. Protection of intellectual property).

Thesis filing and consultation

The electronic versions of the thesis will be deposited by the University at the Central National Libraries where it will be available on PCs without peripherals; at the institutional archive of the University with open access (, which will guarantee its conservation and public consultation, and will also be available in paper format at the University Archive. The embargoed thesis will be made available at the end of the embargo period.


You have to pay close attention to all aspects concerning copyright; we invite you to carefully read the document prepared in 2007 by the Open Access group of the CRUI Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities. By depositing the thesis in the open access institutional archive of the University, as the author you keep all copyright, moral and economic rights on it, in accordance with current legislation (Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and additions). Furthermore, the publication of your thesis in the open access institutional archive becomes a guarantee for you as it certifies the date and intellectual property of your work, and also allows you to circulate your name and the results of your work in the scientific world.