The Final Exam

In order to be admitted to the final PhD exam, cycle, the procedure involves a pre-evaluation of the thesis work by 2 referees, external to the Academic Board. It is suggested to consult the guidelines published on this page, in order to have all details concerning the timing and methods of submitting the thesis to the referees.

Having obtained the authorization to take the final exam, it is necessary to submit a specific online application.

Following the judgment expressed by the evaluators, the doctoral student admitted to the final exam will have to proceed with the preparation of the final exam application on the personal page of the portal. Here are some simple instructions that will help you, step by step, to submit your application for admission to the PhD final exam on the Internet. A few clicks are enough, but before connecting to your reserved area on the Unife website, we recommend that you print or save on your computer the instructions given below in the "Online application guide".

3 months extension - Cycle 33-35-36

PhD Course extension, pursuant art. 33, paragraphs 2-bis, 2-ter, 2-quarter, Legislative Decree 22 March 2021, no. 41, modified and converted into Law 21 May 2021, no.69.

The duration of the extension is set at 3 months, and therefore the duration of the PhD Courses - Cycles 34, 35 and 36 will exceptionally last 39 months for PhD Students that will be authorized to have the extension. Extension requests for less or more than three months will not be accepted.

The request must be submitted by interested Ph.D. students to the respective Doctoral Board of Professors no later than September 10th, 2021. Requests must be countersigned by the designated tutor.

The requests must be evaluated by the Doctoral Board of Professors no later than 15 September 2021.

The Conformity Declaration and the embargo

The declaration of conformity is an essential document to ensure the static, integrity, immodificability, legibility and authenticity of its research as well as necessary to prove the intellectual property of the thesis.This declaration serves to attest that the digital and paper media are identical, finally through this document the thesis can be stored in digital format at the University archive and the National Libraries of Rome and Florence.

The embargo is the period of time during which the thesis stored in an institutional deposit is secreted and accessible only for the metadata part (the period of time may vary between six and twelve months or, in exceptional cases, for a maximum period of three years). The PhD student has the right to request a period of secretion, provided that the request is duly justified. For this reason, embargo applications of more than 12 months will be approved only if they are accompanied by a special supporting document, failing which the thesis will be automatically returned to a maximum secret of 12 months.

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