Documents to deliver to the IUSS Office

  • Direct application to the Magnificent Rector aimed at obtaining admission to the final exam (and consequent issue of the diploma) obtainable at the end of the online procedure.
  • Thesis title presentation form (also to be printed at the end of the online registration, has to be signed later by the Supervisor)
  • Doctor Europaeus certification (only for those who fall within the conditions set out in Article 8, paragraph 4 of the PhD Regulations). See the module: Doctor Europaeus


  • University booklet
  • Receipt of payment of the Application Fee for the achievement of the Title / Parchment (€56) - Available at the end of the online procedure
  • Receipt for filling in the online questionnaire and the AlmaLaurea curriculum (single receipt)
  • Photocopy of the identification document (ID, Passport)


  • A paper copy of the thesis (including the declaration of conformity - see below)
  • Electronic thesis: IT support modalities
  • Declaration of conformity of the thesis, to be included in the hard copy of the doctoral thesis and in the PDF/A file: without embargo or with request for embargo of the thesis (secret thesis)


The documentation must be delivered directly to the Iuss Office ( Porta Mare, 2 - 44121 Ferrara) after having agreed an appointment, by sending an email to, or by calling the numbers: 0532/455286 (Elena Caniato) - 0532/455283 (Lena Fabbri).

Due to Covid-19 situation, all the documents are collected only online (email to No hard copy of the thesis is requested at the moment. We will send an email if the situation would change,