Open competition reserved for students from international education

REPLACEMENTS: list of the candidates admitted

Newly admitted candidates to the course due to vacant places will have to enrol by 7th January 2013, using the online enrolment system:



Doctoral School in Life, health and environment sciencesNumber of places
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 3
Evolutionary and Environmental Biology 2
Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology 4
Biomedical Sciences 5
Chemical Sciences 2
Pharmaceutical Sciences 2
Doctoral School in Science and technologyNumber of places
Physics 6
Mathematics and Computer Science 2
Earth Sciences 2
Engineering Science 6
Technology of Architecture 1
Doctoral School in Humanities and social sciencesNumber of places
Legal and Historical-Legal Comparison 2
Constitutional Law 1
European Union Law 5
Economics 5
Science and Technology  for  Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 8
Humanities and Social Studies 10
MacroareaNumber of grants
Doctoral School in Life, health and environment sciences- SViSA 1
Doctoral School in Science  and technology - SciTec 1
Doctoral School in Humanities  and social sciences - SUS 1

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