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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

- Know-how transfer to the students of a cluster of skills coherent with each module (Materials Science, Renewable Energies, Sustainable Building, Innovation management);
- Train the students in the execution of the information received;
- Introduce students on how to work within a company, as a consultant or as an entrepreneur;
- Teach how to write and take an oral presentation of a technical report.



Course programme

Materials Science:
-Introduction to Materials Science (metallic materials, polymeric materials, ceramics, composite materials).
-Building Materials (mortars, concretes, stones, ceramics, glass).
-Materials for Sustainable Buildings (geopolimers, nanomaterials, composites).
-Insights: Consultation of papers, patents, commercial products technical sheets, etc…

Renewable Energies
-History of the Italian Electrification.
-Energy Scenario and environmental implications.
-Electric grids (energy centralized and distributed generation systems).
-Renewable Energies Production Technologies (wind, PV, biomass).
-Energy Storage Technologies.
-Insights: Consultation of papers, patents, commercial products technical sheets, etc…

Sustainable Buildings
-Introduction to Green and Circular Economy.
-Introduction to Sustainable Buildings.
-Building systems.
-Performances of building systems.
-Integration of renewable energies within buildings.
-Insights: Consultation of papers, patents, commercial products technical sheets, etc…

-Innovation and Creativity: what is it?
-Ecosystems of Innovation (knowledge triangle and pyramid, intermediary of knowledge).
-Innovation Management.
-Product Development (IPD – Integrated Product Development).
-Research Projects (how to: read a call for proposals, develop a project idea into a project proposal, develop and manage a partnership, write/evaluate a project proposal).
-How to run a business and how to work within a company.
-Insights: Consultation of papers, patents, commercial products technical sheets, etc…

Didactic methods

- Delivery of educational/teaching materials to students (slides, papers, etc...)
- Teaching techniques:
• Explanation of theoretical concepts;
• Experience based-learning through:
. discussion of real cases;
. practical exercises (presentation/discussion of a case of study);
. practical exercises in team.
• Workshops with experts of the different modules.
• Research Labs and or Company production site visit.

Learning assessment procedures

Oral examination.
Delivery and oral presentation of a technical report whose topic will be chosen by the student.

Reference texts

Scientific reviews shown by the teacher.

Advised books:
Materiali da Costruzione volume 1 – Luca Bertolini
Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali – William F. Smith
Involucro Edilizio e risparmio energetico – F. Fiorito
Materials for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings M.R. Hall
Open innovation – D. Chesbrough
Innovator’s Dilemma – C.M. Christensen
Product innovation – D. Rainey