Giornate della Traduzione

7 Novembre 2023 - Dora Renna - Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Re-watch, Re-new. Audiovisual (Re)Translation from Analogic to Digital Era.

The digital age has transformed the landscape of audiovisual translation, ushering in new challenges and opportunities. Technological advancements have given rise to various modes of audiovisual content delivery, passing from television to DVDs and streaming platforms, each requiring distinct approaches to translation. While streaming platforms constantly offer new products, they are also becoming the place to re-discover classic shows and films. This 4-hour seminar introduces students to the concept of re-translation with a focus on the audiovisual field, to the psychological, sociological, and linguistic reason for re-watching, and to the contemporary rules of subtitling. A case study will be shown during the seminar: three different audiovisual translation versions of the first episode of Columbo, Murder by the Book, first aired in 1971, from English to Italian (DVD and Prime Video streaming subtitles). After watching selected extracts from the three versions, the students will be asked to rate the different experiences and provide reasons for their ratings as well as suggestions for improvement both as consumers and prospective language experts. In terms of technical aspects, they will look into spotting accuracy and subtitle length variations in DVD and streaming subtitles, to understand potential impacts on comprehension, conciseness, and readability. As for translation strategies, they will take into consideration the changing strategies adopted for cultural references, idiomatic expressions, and register, also taking the original dubbing as a reference. After the theoretical introduction and the rating of existing translations, the students will have both theoretical knowledge and metalinguistic elaboration, and will be ready to team up and create their own subtitles for a key scene of the episode, using the Netflix style guides as a reference and working within the YouTube Studio environment, under the guidance and with the technical assistance of the teacher. Working with actual translation material will show students the complexities of audiovisual translation, with attention to both technical and content-based factors. Audiovisual translation changes over time reflect translation adaptability to technology and the dynamic language-culture interplay. As media consumption diversifies, understanding evolving translation dynamics is critical, as it empowers prospective practitioners and scholars to navigate this ever-changing landscape effectively.

17 Novembre 2023 - Marco Canani - Università degli Studi "G. D'Annunzio" Chieti-Pescara

Translating for the web: Language, Culture and SEO.

The seminar aims to introduce students to the features and challenges of professional translation. A few background theoretical guidelines are provided, with particular reference to Eco (2003) and Vermeer and Reiss (2013). Students are subsequently invited to reflect on some working definitions of key terms, such as translation (as process and product) and context. The realities of working in translation are then explored: from remote working, to operational knowledge of CMS (content management systems) and SEO (search engine optimisation), translators are shown to be much more than language mediators; they are completely autonomous, freelancing copywriters up to their necks in pop culture and IT. Case studies from the celebrated "Cosmopolitan" magazine are presented and analysed with students.

23 novembre 2023 - Prof. Christiane MaaB - Universitat Hildesheim

23 novembre 2023 - Prof. Christiane MaaB - Universitat Hildesheim

La conferenza e dedicata alia Leichte Sprache (Easy Language tedesco), alle strategie della comunicazione accessibile e della traduzione intralinguistica e all'approccio del Centro di ricerca sulla Leichte Sprache dell’Universita di Hildesheim.
L'evento e rivolto alle studentesse e agli studenti del corso di Lingua tedesca (LM-37 Lingue e letterature straniere) nonche ad altri studenti di Lingua tedesca e alia comunita universitaria.

24 novembre 2023 - Annalisa Di Liddo - Traduttrice Freelance

7 dicembre 2023 - Beatrice Gnassi - Traduttrice e Editrice per "Le Plurali"

Tradurre come atto politico

Tradurre è su più piani un atto politico: politica è la decisione di cosa tradurre, politica è la possibilità di traghettare idee e parole per renderli accessibili a un pubblico più vasto e politiche possono essere le scelte linguistiche che si fanno nel tradurre. Tradurre è una scelta continua, una scelta che puo' avere un impatto nella società e nella cultura. L’incontro sarà una riflessione su questi temi a partire dalla prima traduzione in Italia del volume "Lei che mi ha liberata" di Maya Angelou. Si parlerà anche di questa “donna fenomenale” come lei stessa si è definita, a ragione, e nell’ultima parte si affronterà concretamente il lavoro dei traduttori e traduttrici freelance nel complesso panorama editoriale italiano.

21 maggio 2024 - Prof.ssa Louise Frappier - University of Ottawa

Ce séminaire abordera, à partir de quelques exemples, les particularités de la traduction théâtrale du français vers l’anglais et de l’anglais vers le français, en lien avec des enjeux relatifs aux identités québécoise et canadienne.