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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

The course of History of Design I aim to develop knowledge on the historical processes that, during the twentieth century, gave rise to the genesis and growth of the culture of design in the field of production of industrial artefacts, in Italy and in international places.
Wide attention will be dedicated to the protagonists, the most significant schools, the role played by industry, technological innovations and distribution.
The theories and methodologies underlying the conception of products and the relationship between design and society will be highlighted.


Basic knowledge of the history of the twentieth century

Course programme

The design history course consists of a supporting module (48 hours) supplemented by a history and trend module of the arts (24 hours).

Didactic methods

Lectures, workshop and exercises

Learning assessment procedures

The exam evaluation will include a written test and a final interview, through which students will have to demonstrate that they have acquired a knowledge of topics and issues addressed in the classroom and in the reference texts indicated, to be able to historically place and contextualize artefacts and phenomena of design culture.
The exercise carried out by students, divided into groups, during the course will also be subject to evaluation.

Reference texts

Bibliography for the institutional part:

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Morteo E., Grande atlante del design, dal 1850 a oggi, Electa, Milano 2008
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Bibliography for the monographic part, Radical Design between conception and production:

Trincherini E., Cronistoria in Brugellis P., Pettena G., Salvadori A. (eds.) Utopie Radicali. Firenze oltre l’architettura 1966-1976, Quodlibet, Macerata 2017, pp. 307-337.
Trincherini E., Pettena G. testi introduttivi alle sezioni, in Pettena G. (ed.) Radical Design. Ricerca e progetto dagli anni Sessanta a oggi, Maschietto & Musolino, Firenze, 2004, pp. 39-40; 92-93; 120-121; 214-215.

Bibliography for the seminar Archives, sources, research for the history of design:

Ferretti Emanuela, Terragli Attiglio, Turrini Davide, Giuseppe Terragni, album 1925, Edifir, Firenze 2018
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Turrini Davide, Gli artieri dell’alabastro di Volterra, in «MD Journal», n. 6, 2018, pp. 50-67

In relazione al modulo monografico e al seminario verranno forniti agli studenti alcuni dei titoli presenti in bibliografia in formato PDF.