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Academic year
Didactic period
Primo Semestre

Training objectives

This course has been shared in three inner modules. The first one aims to train students in the broad aspects of occupational safety (4 hours), preparatory to the following two modules focused on the specific risks of student / trainee (State Agreement of 07.07.2016; see: Directive 89/391/EEC).
Training in health and safety in the workplace is due both to those who are traditionally recognized as workers or treated as workers because exposed to specific risks. This second category includes students who attend to laboratories, carry out activities or internships with potential risks from equipment, chemical, physical and biological agents, problems with ergonomics, use of display screen equipment, etc.


To be enrolled at any School of the Department of Architecture and using the Educational Laboratories or being about to undertake an internship experience.
This training is mandatory before entering the Laboratories.
Module A is preparatory to Modules B and C.

Course programme

Module A: Occupational health and safety prevention obligations:
- information obligations of the Employer for the protection of workers
- concepts of risk, damage, prevention, protection
- organization of corporate prevention
- rights and duties of the corporate roles
Organization of safety, protection of workers and their training:
- company training and information
- safety signs
- organization of emergencies and first aid
- risk assessment
- work-related stress risk
- supervisory bodies, control, assistance and sanctioning apparatus

Module B: Specific training on workplace safety: use of PPE, physical, chemical, biological, carcinogenic, ergonomic, DSE (display screen equipment), environmental, electrical and fire risks:
- Preparation of CPD (collective protection devices) and choice and use of PPE
- The physical, chemical and biological risks in work areas equipped with tools, machines or laboratories
- DSE risk and work ergonomics
- Electrical, fire and emergency management risk

Module C: Specific training on occupational safety, in particular:
- Risks related to the use of machines and tools
- Manual handling of loads
- Risk of falls from above
- Responsibilities, rights and obligations on safety and health during traineeship or apprenticeship

Didactic methods

The course will be developed through three frontal lessons, showing examples and practical cases and asking questions to the participants, in order to stimulate the ability to assess the safety of their work environment.
Each lesson will take place on the exam date and the final multiple choice exam will take place at the end of the lesson itself.
The course has a duration of 12 hours in 3 modules of 4 hours each (by law no delay of more than 20 minutes is allowed), the final test of 15 minutes.
Failure to pass the test requires to repeat this module.

Learning assessment procedures

one test for each module. Multiple choice test (three answers) with 18 questions. Maximum expected errors: 4

If the student fails the test with 5 errors, teh etacher may decide to carry out an oral test to verify the skills and still validate the exam. Otherwise or if more errors are made, the Module must be attended again.

Reference texts

Leg. Dec. 9 April 2008, n. 81 (Text coordinated with Legislative Decree 3 August 2009, n. 106) UNIFIED TEXT ON HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK