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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Primo semestre (primi anni)

Training objectives

This is an introductory course in linear algebra and affine geometry.
The student will learn to:
- solve systems of linear equations;
- use vectors, arrays and linear maps;
- diagonalize maps and matrices;
-study linear spaces in the affine and Euclidean space.


Basic Set Theory and Logic.

Course programme

It is a 90h course together with exercise sessions.
The main topics are:
Introduction and applications (6 h);
Vector spaces (34 h);
Affine and Euclidean geometry of the space (25 h);
Special matrices and quadratic forms (25 h).

Didactic methods

Lectures and exercise sessions.
Check the GC for details on lectures

GC code: r2movdn

Learning assessment procedures

The exam lasts 1h and has 8 multiple choices questions (3 points each) and 1 open question (at most 9 points).

No penalities for wrong answers.
To pass the exam the student has to:
-answer correctly to at least 4 multiple choices
-score at least 4 in the open question
-gather an overall of at least 18 points.

To get a marking above 25 the student has to do an oral exam, based on exercises.

The teacher can ask for an oral exam.

Reference texts

Lecture notes

A good reference book is
Marco Abate Chiara De Fabritiis
"Geometria analitica con elementi di algebra lineare"
Mc Graw Hill Education