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Annualità Singola

Training objectives

The goal of the course is to teach students to design and develop applications related to Industry 4.0.

Main knowledge that will be acquired:
- how to structure an Industry 4.0 project
- definition of a suitable architecture
- selection and adoption of suitable software components and technologies
- application debug

Main abilities to be acquired:
- project requirements analysis
- models and architectures better suited to the application scenario, also considering application requirements
- software solutions and platforms to develop the target solution
- development of a new software solution based on existing software components and platforms


We advise the students to enroll in this course after Industrial IoT (prof. Tortonesi and prof. Giannelli) and/or Cloud and Mobile Computing (prof. Giannelli e prof. Tortonesi).

Course programme

The course allows to develop projects related to Industrial Internet of Things e/o di Cloud and Mobile Computing courses.

Didactic methods

Projects will be presented within Internet of Things and di Cloud and Mobile Computing courses. Interested students are kindly asked to contact prof. Tortonesi and prof. Giannelli.

Learning assessment procedures

The students will have to present the project, that is the design and real implementation of an Industry 4.0 application. Each student of a group will be tested to verify her/his comprehension of the developed application architecture and of the main software components. Each student will also have to detail her/his personal contribution in the project. Students will preferably be grouped in groups of 3-4 people, each person in charge of developing a separate application component.

Passing the final exam is the proof that knowledge and abilities outlined in the training objectives of the course have been achieved.

Reference texts

- slides of the Industrial Internet of Things course
- slides of the Cloud and Mobile Computing course