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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

The course is ordered at achieving the objectives of knowledge and understanding of rules on health and safety at work from systemic and technical point of view, through the double contribution of participations at teacher lessons and individuale study. Are fundamental, in particular, the objectives of knowledge and comprehension of the interwining between heteronomous and autonomous legislative dimension, with particular attention to application practices of collective autonomy and trade union action. The skills achieved in this double perspective - more general and specific - will be coherents with the profile of specialized jurists able to identify, face and propose decisive answers to problems about organization and management of health and safety in public and private work, as well on consulting in this important matter.


Good knowledge of Labour Law in general, in the framework of general principals of Private law, of the Constitutional Charter and European Union Law.

Course programme

Students will be called to reflect on systemic foundations of health and safety at work and analysis and interpretation of rules, case law, and collective practices. First block (10 hours) on constitutional principals, Civil code, special legislation of 1950s, European union law; second block (6hours) on prevention and precaution concepts in general and in d. lgs. 81/2008; third block (14 hours) on special legislation of d. lgs. 81/2008; fourth block (10 hours) on case law and collective practices, in dept analysis with the protagonists of organization chart of prevention.

Didactic methods

On methodological plane there will be institutional lessons (30 hours) and workshops sith individual or collective analysis of case law, significant legal sources, interesting documents (10 hours). There will be also the integration with congresses and seminars for students. The teacher will use study support manuals and other didactic materials: slide, sentences, essays of doctrine.

Learning assessment procedures

The examination consists on 2 oral questions in order to verify the plane knowledge and comprehension of health and safety at work and the ability of the student to discuss interpretative issues. It will be possible to organize middle term examinations (individual or in group) or self assessment tests and the successful result will be considered for the final oral examination.

Reference texts

Buoso S. (2020), Principio di prevenzione e sicurezza sul lavoro, Torino: Giappichelli (in particolare il capitolo 1); Pascucci P. (ultima edizione disponibile – 2017), La tutela della salute e sicurezza sul lavoro: il titolo I del d. lgs. 81/2008, Fano: Aras edizioni. In particolare: cap. 2 (escluso il §5), 3, 4 (escluso il § 5, § 14).