Vicente Nicolas Donato

Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna and Executive Director of the Fundacion Observatory Pymes, Buenos Aires

Vicente Nicolas Donato obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the Universitá di Bologna.

Studied economic theory at the Torcuato Di Tella Institute in Argentina and obtained a Master's Degree in Economic Development at the Istituto per lo Sviluppo Economico in Naples where he studied with Prof. Sylos Labini and later obtained a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Economics at the University of Bologna, where he later worked as a researcher and teacher at the Department of Political Science between 1994 and 2021. In 1998 he moved to Buenos Aires to participate in the founding of the Headquarters of the University of Bologna in Argentina and develop its research and teaching activity in said Headquarters. There he served as Deputy Director (1999-2010), a Member of the Council Management Scientist (2010-2016) and Director of the Research Centre (1999-2016). In 2004, he was co-founder, on behalf of the Universitá di Bologna, of the Foundation SME Observatory, where he was a member of the Board of Directors and since 2016 has been serving as Executive Director. He was director of the Regional Studies Collection, a joint publication of the Headquarters of Buenos Aires and the SME Observatory Foundation. He has published books and magazine articles on various topics of economic development and regional economy.

He is currently a professor in the Department of Business Economics at the Universitá di Bologna. In his professional activity, he worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Relations Foreign Affairs of Italy, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade and then the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.