Roberto Ricci

President of INVALSI

National expert representing the Ministry of Education to the Center for Educational Research and Innovation CERI – OECD.

Elected member of the OECD PISA Strategic Development Group (SDG). Elected member of the Standing Committee to the IEA (SC). Member of the scientific board of the series "INVALSI for research". Member of the scientific committee of the journal " Induzioni, Demografia, probabilità, statistica a scuola”. A representative for Italy to the OECD PISA Governing Board (PGB). President and co-founder of the FLIP+ association (an organization with the aim of sharing best practices and experiences in the field of computerized assessment of learning, and it includes the following countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Spain, Lithuania, Georgia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway).