Muratbek Tolokov

Researcher in Economics, Unesco Chair EGE, University of Ferrara

Muratbek Tolokov, born in Kyrgyzstan, has his Master's Degree in Economics, Management, and Policies for Global challenges with honors from the University of Ferrara.

His latest research sheds light on employers' demand for skills in the division by the Italian macro-regions and illustrates clusters' structure among Italian municipalities. The research dataset contains observations of 13 variables for 62055 online job postings, 8 variables for 7904 municipalities, and 11 variables for 443655 Italian companies. Before his admission to the University of Ferrara, he had been working for 9 years at MegaCom, which is a national mobile operator of the Kyrgyz Republic. As a Lead Project Manager, Muratbek managed the lifecycle of digital products from initial conception to delivery, and developed and implemented business cases.