Maria Amodeo

Head of “Natta” High School, Bergamo - Italy

Maria Amodeo is the head of “Natta” high school in Bergamo, Italy. She holds several degrees: Master’s degree for teachers leading groups – Rome 2003, Master’s degree in multimedia and didactics achieved at the University of Padua – 2002, Master’s degree in Clinical Education achieved at the University of Milan Bicocca in the academic biennium 1998/2000, Master’s degree in philosophical and historical disciplines achieved at Bocconi University Milan – academic years 1997/98 and 1998/99.

She is also the winner of the Ordinary Competition for School Headmasters – Secondary School D.D.G, 22.11.2004 second educational sector, and the winner of the Ordinary Competitions for Teaching and attainment of the related teaching qualifications. Since 2008 she is the school headmaster of “GIULIO NATTA” the First and second-grade education Place of tenure ISIS. She is the school manager in Regional Pole school for Administrative accounting management and reporting of the actions also planned in the agreement between Lombardy Region and Regional School Office: CPL Legality Tools, and the administrative-accounting management of the regional network, “Education for Gender Differences”.