AIR BREAK: Co-producing healthy clean commuting air spots in town

air-break.pngAIR BREAK promises to tackle air quality issues in Ferrara, such as commuting issues, lack of urban greenery, lack of detailed and updated information about air quality, with an evidence/data based strategy and citizen-centric approach, integrating a set of innovative and tailor-based solutions. Through a holistic, bottom-up approach, AIR BREAK will involve citizens and stakeholders at the centre of the new development, going beyond air quality data collection and monitoring approach and implementing, for the first time in Ferrara, concrete actions aimed at transforming “dark-high-emission zones” in “green-augmented-healthy zones”. The project lays its innovation on the integration of complementary solutions:

  • providing in-depth knowledge about air pollution distribution in Ferrara by developing a reliable sensors network and a new Data Infrastructure for a rapid data access, allowing local administration to plan specific interventions
  • providing innovative models to incentivize clean commuting and soft mobility, thus lowering the emissions
  • introducing Nature Based (NB) and Smart Solutions to drastically reduce air pollutants in critical spots of the town
  • engaging citizens and stakeholders in a co-creation approach based on innovative gamification and rewarding mechanisms.

By the synergy of the above solutions AIR BREAK intends to reduce by 25% air pollution in selected areas of the city, laying the base for future scale-up and replication strategies


Notizie (in italiano)


Project details

Scientific responsability: Claudia Cherubini

Funding source: UIA Urban Innovative Actions

Start date : 01/07/2020 End date: 30/06/2023

Total contribution: 4.999.986,80 €
Contribution to UniFe: 153.350,00 €


  • Municipality of Ferrara, Italy
  • S.I.PRO. Ferrara Development Agency, Italy
  • Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Italy
  • HERA S.p.A., Italy
  • Lab Service Analytica srl, Italy
  • Dedagroup Public Services, Italy
  • Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy