GrapheneCore3 - Graphene Flagship Core Project 3

This proposal describes the third core project of the Graphene Flagship. It forms the fourth phase of the FET flagship and is characterized by a continued transition towards higher technology readiness levels, without jeopardizing our strong commitment to fundamental research. Compared to the second core project, this phase includes a substantial increase in the market-motivated technological spearhead projects, which account for about 30% of the overall budget.
The broader fundamental and applied research themes are pursued by 15 work packages and supported by four work packages on innovation, industrialization, dissemination and management. The consortium that is involved in this project includes over 150 academic and industrial partners in over 20 European countries.

Notizie (in italiano)

Project details

Scientific responsability: Jusef Hassoun

Funding source: HORIZON 2020

Call: H2020-SGA-FET-GRAPHENE-2019

Start date: 01/04/2020 - end date: 31/03/2023

EU contribution to the project: 150.000.000 €