Incoming Mobility Programme for Studies and Internship Purposes

Incoming students can attend classes on our Bachelor's degree and Master's degree courses, carry out an internship or even work on their final thesis.

Follow the necessary steps in order to come to Ferrara for a semester or a whole academic year. These procedures are for incoming students involved in the following programmes:

  • Erasmus+ for studies or internship
  • International exchange programme
  • Free-mover programme

Before you arrive


Every partner institution has to send us the main information on selected candidates, exclusively by completing this E-nomination form. Any nomination received in any other way will not be considered. The E-nomination form must be only completed  by  staff employed by Partner universities and not by the students themselves.

N.B. nomination deadlines: June 30th for students arriving in the first semester - November 15th for students arriving in the second semester

Only for Free-mover Students!
Students on the Free-mover programme who are willing to study or train at the University of Ferrara need to be also accepted by a professor of the Host Department. For this type of request, it is possible to contact a Departmental Co-ordinator for International Mobility directly.

Application form

You will receive an acceptance e-mail with the access data to enter the online application form, available on this webpage. Further details on the application procedure are visible on the Guide to Application.

Compulsory application procedure deadlines:

  • I semester and whole academic year students - July 31st
  • II semester students - December 15th

Invitation letter

Upon specific request, an official invitation letter will be issued only to the non-EU citizens who have to apply for a VISA to come to Italy.

Learning Agreement

Before their arrival in Ferrara, students should have a Learning Agreement duly signed by their Home Institution Coordinator. In order to have it signed by the Co-ordinator of the University of Ferrara, it will be necessary to contact the Departmental Co-ordinator for Mobility directly during business hours. In order to have an overview of the subjects available at the University of Ferrara refer to the course catalogue.

The deadline for sending the Learning agreement is:

  • I semester and whole academic year students - July 15th
  • II semester students - December 1st

After the deadline, there will be no guarantee that the chosen courses will still be available.

IMPORTANT - Housing in Ferrara: Remember to search for an accommodation long in advance. For further support visit the following webpage

Upon your arrival

Welcome Day

You must arrive in Ferrara in time to attend the welcome day, which will be held during the third week of September (for the 1st semester) and the third week of February (for the 2nd semester). Please consult the academic agenda for information on the exact date.

During the welcome day, important information will be given on:

  • Procedures planned during your stay.
  • Teaching activities.
  • Services provided by Unife and the city of Ferrara.
  • Extra-curricular activities and life in Ferrara.

Certificate of arrival

Students arriving in Ferrara after the orientation week must urgently go to the International Mobility and Educational Office to finalise their registration.

All the incoming students will receive a Certificate of Arrival clearly stating the date of the beginning of their stay. This document will be essential to enrol. At the end of the stay, students are provided with a Certificate of Attendance.


The enrolment is formalised at the Incoming Students Office. Incoming students must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the ID/Passport (it is possible to attach a PDF copy of the document during the online application procedure)
  • Enrolment form (it is possible to print this document at the end of the online application procedure)
  • Payment receipt (only in case the student paid at the Bank)

Study plan

Within two weeks following your arrival in Ferrara, you will have to complete the study plan online with the list of all the courses you wish to attend during your stay.

If you are a non-EU student, you will need to make a request for the Residence permit, within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. The documentation is to be submitted at the post-office, it is possible to turn to a CAF (Citizens’ Advice Bureau) or to the International Info desk of the University of Ferrara for help in the procedure of completing the document.

During your stay

Changes to the study plan 

If during your stay you decide to add or delete courses, you need to complete the changes to your study plan form and send it via SOS to the careers office. For Erasmus students, the modification of the Learning Agreement is also foreseen and must be signed by the Departmental Co-ordinator for International Mobility. In order to have an overview of the subjects available at the University of Ferrara refer to the course catalogue.

Extending your stay

You can extend your stay in Ferrara in order to complete the activities foreseen in your study plan. In order to extend your stay, you must first obtain authorisation from your Home University and then obtain clearance from the Departmental Co-ordinator for International Mobility.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you will be issued with a new letter of invitation with the extension of the period for the renewal of your residence permit. 

At the end of your stay

A few days before leaving Ferrara the student must collect the following documents:

  • Certificate of attendance: ask the Incoming Students Office for a certificate confirming the duration of your stay in Ferrara. While requesting this document it’s suggested to show the Certificate of arrival in order to speed up the procedure.
  • Transcript of Records: ask the Students Career Office to issue the Transcript of Records through the mobility closing form. In case some exams aren't regularly registered, the Registrar’s office will send the transcript to the student only once everything has been updated.

After these steps your academic career in Ferrara will be closed, it will not be possible to sit exams after this date.