What We Do

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Area 1

Title: Socio-economic modelling and simulation

Representatives: M. ZanellaL. PareschiW. Boscheri.

Case studies:

  • Models for the dynamics and simulation of complex systems;
  • Models for the dissemination of opinions on large population samples;
  • Opinion control through the use of external media and through the use of opinion leaders;
  • Dissemination of ideas and opinions on social networks and control strategies;
  • Models for the simulation of road traffic, from the urban scale to the provincial, regional and national scale;
  • National income distribution models and optimal taxation strategies.


Area 2

Title: Statistical surveys in the socio-economic sphere

Representatives: S. BonniniG. Sciavicco.

Case studies:

  • Sample surveys and statistical analysis for spatial planning and control;
  • Sample surveys and statistical analyses for the evaluation of the University System;
  • Sample surveys and socio-economic research on the living and study conditions of university students and the impact of their presence on the territory;
  • Marketing studies and market analysis with particular regard to "customer satisfaction" and "conjoint analysis”;
  • Statistical analysis of road accidents;
  • Statistical analysis of industrial development and performance policies in Italy and other countries;
  • Statistical analysis of engineering problems (e.g. problems of acoustics on listening conditions in classrooms);
  • Bio-medical studies on the effects of certain therapeutic treatments on certain diseases;
  • Epidemiological studies;
  • Design and construction of complex databases.


Area 3

Title: Modeling and simulation of environmental and biological phenomena

Representatives: V. CaleffiW. BoscheriM. Dumbser.

Case studies:

  • SWE modeling of exceptional floods for floods (Toce valley example);
  • SWE modeling of floods for collapse of barrages (example related to Malpasset dam);
  • Propagation of a wave front against a bridge pillar;
  • Propagation of macro bottom shapes (alternating bars) in a river bed;
  • Propagation of a passive pollutant in a meandering bed/channel/riverbed;
  • Morphodynamic modeling in watercourses;
  • Modeling of transient motions inside pressurized pipelines;
  • Hemodynamic modeling inside blood vessels;
  • Models for the control of the growth distribution of tumor bodies.


Area 4

Title: Dynamic modeling and simulation of fluids/gases and plasmas

Representatives: L. PareschiW. BoscheriM. Dumbser.

Case studies:

  • High-order methods in space and time for fluid dynamics;
  • Numerical schemes for the transition from compressible fluids to incompressible fluids;
  • Numerical methods and simulations for plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics;
  • Boltzmann equations and collisional integrals;
  • Problems of atmospheric reentry and dynamics of rarefied gases.